“What you seek is seeking you.”
— Rumi —

My Coaching Experience

Maybe you’ve heard of this thing called coaching. I was skeptical at first because when I thought of coaching, I thought of sports. I didn’t want someone like a sports’ coach to help me!

I had the opportunity to try coaching out for myself just over 2 years ago. It was part of a leadership program I was in, so I decided I wanted everything I could get for the money I paid in! So I booked my first session. I was so uncertain of what to expect and to be honest, a little scared. I wasn’t sure what it was I was scared of at first, but then later it became clear. I was scared of finding stuff wrong with me, but that’s why I was there. To improve me.

I didn’t know what I was going to discover that first session. I was stepping out of my comfort zone, going into the unknown. I discovered a limiting belief that I had about myself. I was lacking self-confidence and through the help of my amazing coach, I was able to look back into my past and see where it was coming from. Now, I would love to say that that fixed it and that it was just that easy. And even though it didn’t solve it completely, it was my first step. Acknowledging I had that limiting belief and where it came from.

I had 2 coaches at one time and my other coach helped me get through making the decision of a career change. Coaching has really helped me get clarity around who I am and what I want out of life. It helped me get unstuck from the rut that I felt I was in.

Between coaching with my two coaches and the leadership class I mentioned earlier, I discovered my passion and purpose. First, it was vague. I knew I was put here on earth to help others. I was content with that for awhile, then I wanted to know more. How was I supposed to help others? During a coaching session, we did a visualization and I found out it was to help others through coaching to help them find their own passions and purposes. I have even dug deeper myself and discovered I want to help individuals rediscover their confidence and their own awesomeness in life and I want to help business owners and managers create a thriving culture that retains the right employees.

I spent a lot of time looking into coaching certifications to find the right one for me. I wanted one that I didn’t  have to travel much as I didn’t want to be away from my family much, and I wanted one that was affordable to me, and yet had great credibility and that I could get accredited through ICF after completing.
My coach recommended one of Valorie Burton’s book to me during one of our sessions and so I bout it. On the back, it talked about her CaPP (Coaching and Positive Psychology Institution. After doing some research I found that it was credentialed by the ICF and it was like 1/2 the cost of other programs I looked into. I also only had to travel for a 3-day program in Peach Tree Georgia!

I attended the  3-day CTI (Coach Training Intensive) Retreat at the end of July which was a pre-requisite for the CPEC (Coaching Personal and Executive Certification) Program.

What is  Coaching?

So what is coaching? To me, coaching is bringing out the answers from within the client. I like how Valorie Burton says it on her site: https://valorieburton.com/coaching/what-is-coaching/
There is a link on there that will take you to her page on Positive Psychology. Psychology was always known for finding what was wrong with people. Martin Seligman, the father of Positive Psychology, decided to ask what is right with those that are Happy? What are they doing?

What Coaching is Not

Coaching is not: Counseling, Therapy, Consulting, etc. Generally, coaches do not give advice.

Is Coaching Right For You?

Ask yourself, “Is there something missing in my life? Is there Something I would like to improve? Am I living up to my full potential? Do I feel stuck?”

I believe coaching will work for anyone who comes to it with an open mind. Finding the right coach for you is important too. Do your research. Find a coach that you connect with. One coach does not fit all. 🙂


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