Do It With Heart

I was contemplating on what topic to write about tonight and have a few ideas floating around my head as always when “With Heart” pops into my head very boldly. It pushes the other ideas way back.I try to being those ideas back into play because what does with heart mean? Take action with heart? Live with heart? What do I even know about this?But, the idea was persistent…HEART! It pops in my head again…Okay, okay… heart it is, but still not understanding what it meant.Then it came crystal clear. “Do it with heart.”Do what with heart you may ask? Well anything….A discussion I was a part of tonight was talking about doing things, well I guess the right word for it is half heartedly. Not to the best of our abilities.Now it’s important we use our brains and our gut feelings to, but I strongly feel like our best decisions and actions come from our heart.Our brains can sometimes play tricks on us and our fear can cause a gut feeling as a false alarm. Our heart however, wants what’s best for you and everyone else.So I challenge you to whatever decisions you make, whatever actions you take, do it with heart, whole heartedly.

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