Grace and Forgiveness for Yourself

So I committed to writing a blogpost a day for 30 days.

I missed days 9 and 10.

I was not feeling well day 9 and day 10 my plans changed and I ran out of time.

The first thoughts that ran through my head? “I failed.” “Here I go again not following through with what I started.” “Guess I’ll have to start over.”

Then I shifted my mindset. I just detoured and now right back on track. Picking up right where I left off. Day 9.

It can be easy to be so hard on ourselves or even blaming other people or situations for our shortcomings.

What I have noticed though, is that being hard on ourselves or placing blame is rarely if ever helpful at all.

Instead, I’ve been working on using the time and energy I used to use being hard on myself, feeling sorry for myself, to get myself back on track.

I forgive myself for getting off track and change my focus to what is my next step to move me forward.

What do you do when you fall short?

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