Growth Happens Outside of the Comfort Zone

You may have heard that our growth happens outside of our comfort zone, or take the leap, or do it scared.

If we stay inside our comfort zone, where we know what we know, that doesn’t give us the opportunity to learn new things and grow.

I should word that a little differently. We can learn a lot of new things in our comfort zone. In fact, learning new things is my comfort zone. I’m a lifelong learner. I love reading books, listening to audiobooks, watching webinars, attending classes…. Taking action is outside of my comfort zone. I worry too much about what other people will think, do I know enough to put it out there, who am I to be doing this?

I don’t always, stay within my comfort zone. I venture out once in a while and I see how awesome it is to grow! And sometimes I then revert right back to my comfort zone.

Sometimes it seems so scary to take a big leap. It doesn’t have to be though! We can break it down. Venture out step by step.

Sometimes it seems like making changes or stepping out of our comfort zone seems overwhelming because there can be so many different pieces.

I was listening to one of Mel Robbins’ coaching books on Audible and she had the client use the metaphor of lego blocks. A finished project has many pieces, but it starts with just one. And then the next one. And then the next. (Maybe I like this metaphor because I’m a boy mom?) Anyway, she asked the client what is the next Lego piece?

Today I am committing to stepping out of my comfort zone. Finding the next Lego piece. Ready to grow.

As I have learned from Dr. Denise Trudeau-Poskas, start getting comfortable with being uncomfortable!

What is one thing you can do to step outside of your comfort zone?

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