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Just 5 minutes…

Or maybe 10….

15? 30? A whole hour?

Sometimes you just need to give yourself some “me time.”

This afternoon wasn’t going as I would have liked it. My software crashed and I lost the whole 2 pages I had completed in the document I was working on. Got it back up, trying to get redone what I had already done and it starts going slow, so I backspace and it deletes more than planned. Go to get my youngest to learn he had a rough day at preschool/daycare, husband still wasn’t home when I got home and I needed to get going to my workout, the oldest shut the younger one’s finger in his bedroom door and life just seemed tough at that time. Those weren’t my proudest moments either. I let my stress get the best of me and became short with my children. I almost didn’t go to my workout as I was overwhelmed, but I sucked it up and went anyway.

I am so glad I did as it gave me time to cool down and think about what I really wanted. I even told myself I was going to give myself 5 minutes after down at the pond to reflect and journal. When I started writing, in ended up like I was writing to someone and I felt a strong urge to share it.

When I started this blog, I was only going to post once a week. I guess it’s your lucky day as this is my second one this week!

Instead of turning my journal entry into a whole blog post, I just want to be real and share wat I wrote:


Sometimes you just need to give yourself 5 minutes of me time (reminder to myself). Time to reflect and think about what you want. Take in what you’re feeling in this moment and compare it to what you want to feel. We (I say we, but I really mean me, however, I can’t be the only one that feels this way!) take our emotions out on those around us. When we’re stressed (and I mean the bad stress, not the good kind, the kind where we let it take over and we don’t manage it well) we snap or get short with those around us. We tend to take it out on others.

Things weren’t going my way this afternoon and it seemed like one thing after another. I was short with my kids and thought about not going to work out (especially since both my accountability partners weren’t going to be there), but I did. I also decided to take 5 minutes down at the pond for some fresh air (which the lilacs smelled amazing!) watch the pond and the walkers, and take in all the sounds around me (lawnmowers, ball practice, the water, all sounds of springtime!) and to reflect and journal. Well, the 5 minutes turned into 10, but who’s counting! You can’t mess with the flow! 😉

The time was intended for me to be me reflecting on how I felt so I could go home and be more at peace than when I left, (which it totally did) and ended up me writing my story of today in a way I could share. I believe there is a reason for everything. When we are aware of our intuition and feelings, we start to realize our passions and purposes and sometimes we feel urges to do certain things. I have learned to listen to those urges.  This urge was the need to reach out to you and tell you that it’s OK to take 5 minutes (or 10, or however long you need!) for you. You deserve it. All those around you deserve it too. I’ve always like the saying, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.”

I encourage you to find time in your schedule for you. You can call it whatever you want: Rejuvenation, refueling,  reflecting, “so I don’t go insane on my family time.” Just do it. Even if it’s only 5-10 minutes. Go for a walk. Take a bath. Workout. Do Yoga. Read a book. Meditate. Journal. There are lots of options. Pick something that you enjoy that makes you feel good.

“Don’t become too preoccupied with what is happening around you. Pay more attention to what is going on within you.” – Mary Frances Winters


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