I want to extend a warm welcome to Jennifer Lynn Coaching.  As I’m developing my coaching and also myself, I have found that being aware of what your values are is very important. These are the core values that I coach by:
*Coach with positivity and intuition
*Pursue Growth and Learning
*Create a Safe Place to be open and honest

Jennifer started her journey of living her passion and purpose through coaching in 2017. She has a 15 CCE crredits from The Coaching Odysse-Modual1: Coaching Rewired series, a certificate in Personal Development Coaching through CaPP Institute and is pursuing certification in personal and executive coaching. Read more about Jennifer here.


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Blog Posts

Me Time

Just 5 minutes… Or maybe 10…. 15? 30? A whole hour? Sometimes you just need to give yourself some “me time.” This afternoon wasn’t going as I would have liked it. My software crashed and I lost the whole 2 pages I had completed in the document I was working on. Got it...

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Overcoming Fear

Fear is only as deep as the mind allows. Japanese Proverb After last week's blog post on fear, I wanted to follow up with how to overcome a fear. And all week, I was unsure how I was going to do that. I did a lot of researching fear and ways to overcome. I looked up...

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FEAR: The 4 letter “F” Word

Fear. Just reading that word might make you tense up. It may bring a flashback of a memory or something you’re going through right now. How can one little word have so much power over us? It’s just a feeling, right? Right. It’s just a feeling. A feeling that many of...

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