Perfectionism Paralyzation

Doing this 30 day blog post challenge has really been bringing an awareness to me on how I have let perfection paralyze me

My website isn’t good enough. I don’t know about SEO. I don’t have time to proofread and make changes. I don’t have photos to go with my blog posts. Do I really know enough about this topic to write about it? (Imposter syndrome here anyone?)

Knowing that I committed to this and that I have someone helping hold me accountable has helped me get past having to be perfect.

I mean come on… is being perfect even attainable?

I think I was using it as a cop out to not put myself out there and hold myself back.

Making sure these posts get done every night has helped me see that everything doesn’t have to be perfect to start. And as I do these more and more the easier they are to write and share my story.

In what ways in your life are you letting perfectionism hold you back?

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