Personal Development- Areas of Growth

Personal development has been a passion of mine. Always looking for improvement and different and better ways to do things. I love discovering new tools and resources to use.

Sometimes though, I get distracted by all the “shiny objects” and tend to lose focus. (Which I’m going to give a disclaimer here that I may go down rabbit trails during this blog post, so bear with me and I’ll do my best to keep it reigned in.) 😉

Anyway, I have realized over the past few years how important awareness is in our personal development journies. We need to have awareness around what our strengths are and what our blind spots (or opportunities for growth as I prefer) are.

Knowing these areas will give us a blueprint to where we have the opportunity to spend our time and our energy to bettering ourselves.

Right now my opportunity for growth area I am working on is follow-through and consistency.

I am a big dreamer, head in the clouds, futuristic, ideas running in every which direction type of person. (As I mentioned before, shiny objects, new ideas, what else is out there, it takes a little effort to reign it in to the present moment type of person.)

I know I need accountability to follow through and be consistent and I know I have resources out there to help me.

To grow and improve in this area, I decided I needed something to commit too that I would also require consistency. I am doing a 30-day blog challenge where I will be posting a new blog post once a day for 30 days. And I know I need accountability, so I will be texting a friend once a week letting her know how many times I have posted a blog post during the week.

I would like to challenge you to find an area of growth opportunity and create an action that will propel you forward in your growth. Share with us below so we can cheer you on!

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