Recenter and Refocus

Breathe in. Breathe out. Focus on the present moment. Notice what you are feeling. Are you cold? Warm? Comfortable?

Being a dreamer, head in the clouds type of girl, I sometimes need to be brought back to the present moment and the above is how I recenter myself.

We live in a world of busy and wear multiple hats. Parent, employee, entrepreneur, child, grandparent, volunteer, etc, and in this world it is easy to not always be fully present. And then add to those of us that have shiny object syndrome where if something intrigues us even just a little bit, we have to find out more, or take another class, listen to another webinar, read another book, start a new television show… you get the picture.

I love being futuristic and a dreamer and with that, I am realizing the power is in the now. What can we be doing this year to make next year better? Or today to make tomorrow better? Or this hour to make the next hour better? The actions we take in these present moments are our momentum to get to our goals and dreams. Being present in the now is where we will lock in the memories we have with our loved ones. Being in the now is where we get clarity around our dreams and goals and the action steps to get there.

I love practicing yoga as it brings me into the present moment. You focus on your breathing and acknowledging thoughts coming into your mind and then letting them pass so you can recenter and focus on the present. You get into the flow with the movements and focusing on your balance and posture and don’t forget the breathing!

After class or even if I’m doing it at home, I feel grounded and relaxed. My body feels rejuvenated and my focus is more intense on the now.

In what ways do you recenter and refocus yourself?

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