Resisting Happiness

“For untold generations, we have been led to believe that happiness orbited around success. That if we work hard enough, we will be successful, and only if we are successful will we become happy. The opposite is true.” – Shawn Achor

I was struggling to come up with a topic for tonight’s blog post. It was already after 8 and I was sitting in my office, pondering what I could write about. I have a million different things running around in my brain, but couldn’t bring clarity to any of them or they didn’t seem fitting or inspiring in this moment.

So I started eyeing the pile of books I had just pulled from the shelf that I wanted to skim through tonight, but none of those resonated. I went to my bookshelf and started looking at those books, and finally, a yellow book stood out: Resisting Happiness by Matthew Kelly.

I pulled it off the shelf, intrigued with why the title was resonating with me and started reading the cover: A true story about why we sabotage ourselves, feel overwhelmed, set aside our dreams, and lack the courage to simply be ourselves… and how to start choosing happiness again!

Opened the cover and read the first page and the chapter is called resistance and a couple of paragraphs down: Do you ever feel like you are your own worst enemy? Have you ever thought you could accomplish great things if only you weren’t so busy with so many little things? Do you struggle to make decisions with confidence? Are you tired of setting goals and not accomplishing them? Do you procrastinate? Are you afraid to say what you really think and feel? Then this book is for you.

The hardest war to win is one you don’t even realize you are fighting, and the hardest enemy to defeat is the one you don’t even know exists. Every day you are at war with resistance.

So after reading that little bit, I made myself a cup of tea and sat down to write this post. After I’m done, I will be replacing the books I have been reading with this one as it is definitely calling my name!

It also fits right on in with the Imposter Syndrome post I wrote yesterday.

It seemed very ironic to me at first because I find myself to be a very positive and upbeat person, which I relate to happiness. I have a lot of books on my bookshelf that I have read like: The How of Happiness, Authentic Happiness, and The Happiness Advantage. I got this happiness thing down! Or so I thought…

This topic also brought me back to a limiting belief I have had come up over the years that it couldn’t be work if it was fun and have held myself back from doing things I enjoy and brought me happiness.

I can now see ways I have been resisting happiness in my everyday life too by allowing financial blocks and limiting beliefs to hold me back from putting myself out there and coaching. And I enjoy coaching! It is fun and fulfilling and I feel passionate about it.

I am committing to allow happiness into my life. How might you be resisting happiness in your life?

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