Self-Love Sundays

Earlier I shared a post on Instagram and Facebook on Self-Care Sunday and as I’ve been thinking of that phrase, I like Self-Love better.

Sometimes the word “care” comes across like work or something we “have” to do. Instead, we should look at it as something we get to do!

One of my first blog posts was on self-care and how you can’t pour from an empty cup. Helping others is one of my values and so it is important that they get the best from me and that happens when I give myself some love by doing things that energize me and recenter me.

Today was filled with self-love. I went to church with my husband and our two boys.

I was able to see and spend time with family by helping my aunt move and got some fresh air and some exercise at the same time!

I then came home and have been working on my office space to create an environment that sparks creativity and I have my yoga mat out for when I need to center myself and can start my day off with some meditation and stretches.

My husband has had a roast and veggies in the crockpot all afternoon so we had a delicious supper together as a family.

This evening is ending with me writing this blog post to keep up my 30-day blog post commitment, reading one of my personal development books, some yoga stretches and journaling.

I feel excited and ready for this next week! I love fueling my soal with things that I enjoy.

How do you practice self-love? Did you do at least one thing for yourself today?

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